The ironing pile…

…has magically gone! Thank you Arnie.
ironing pile

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  1. Cats. Always eager to help any way they can. 😉


  2. Maybe his weight will flatten the pile and youwwon’t have to iron!!!


  3. And each piece will be adorned with cat hair. 🙂


  4. We used to flatten jeans etc under the most walked-on rug in the house.


  5. Well, I never realised just how useful a cat could be! ( I’m a dog person). Maybe you could spread all your ironing on the sofa, put a thin clean sheet on top, plonk the kids on it in front of the telly, and hey presto, the job is done?! Or maybe, lose your glasses so you don’t see the creases….


  6. Hola!! Agreguen y Comenten Mi Blog..! Gracias


  7. I have a cat who does the same thing. He also likes to sleep on fresh laundry.


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