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Frisbees with holes in.

Just genius.

What’s better than stripey socks?

Stripey tights of course!

The fridge cleaning fairy…

…caved in and removed the evil banana from the back of my fridge.
banana fairy

There’s a banana at the back of my fridge…

…it’s been there for weeks now. Apparently there are fairies that will clean the back of your fridge if you’re very good…


Every morning when we walk to school, there is a cat that waits for us on the wall and jumps down to say good morning. The kids have called him Fluffy.
He’s never there on the journey back to the house, it’s as though he’s waiting for his good morning cuddle before he saunters back into his house,(and finds his comfy chair for a snooze).

Toy collector.



…into my lounge wall, repeatedly throughout the day. Having fun are we Gruff?

Scaring children for fifty years…

…Happy 50th birthday Dr Who, long may you continue to fuel imaginations!
dr who 50

Pretending to be asleep…

…oh Arnie, she doesn’t bite, she just wants to sniff your behind. That’s nice isn’t it?
pretending to be asleep

Sleep of the innocent…

…or just a very busy boy.
to dream

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