There be pirates…

Gruff had a pirate ship for his birthday, it’s great for getting rid of Evie’s surplus dolly stock.

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  1. Happy birthday, Gruff! Hope it was a great day!


  2. Evie looks remarkably happy, making her dolly walk the plank…straight into the jaws of Gruff’s shark! Does it have a “retrieval facilty?” ( eg.. pipe cleaner hooks, shaking the shark, or a pair of scissors to make her slide through the shark’s bottom, or is she just glad to say “Bye”?!


  3. That be a fine pirate ship, me hearties! Walk the plank, dolly! Aaarrrr! I be hopin’ ye had plenty o’ grog and grub fer yer Birthday party, Cap’n Gruff!


  4. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for a Sunshine award 🙂


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