Fight the power.

fight the power

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  1. That’s a cool doodle. My cat is usually at the other end of the Hoover, scared of it but just too nosey haha.


  2. Arnie is doing his best to make you put your feet up- he sat on top of the laundry basket the other day, and now he’s trying to stop you hoovering! Listen to the cat, only you will notice the mess!


  3. Arnie does like to live dangerously, doesn’t he? Just how many of his 9 lives does he have left ;-}?


  4. No job is complete with out having to drag a furry beast off the vital parts.


  5. What a brave cat. Mine hear the noise and run under the bed. And stay until they’re sure the beast has left the building.


  6. That cat of yours is so darn cute. 🙂


  7. aaaawwww he’s adorable lol You should do an animals book with Arnie, Bonnie and the chooks 🙂


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