Every morning when we walk to school, there is a cat that waits for us on the wall and jumps down to say good morning. The kids have called him Fluffy.
He’s never there on the journey back to the house, it’s as though he’s waiting for his good morning cuddle before he saunters back into his house,(and finds his comfy chair for a snooze).

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  1. How lovely, bet that gets them out of the house in the morning so that they are in time for Fluffy.


  2. ssshhhh don’t tell Arnie 🙂


  3. We have a huuuge cat that lives next door and often comes wandering through our garden – we call him Fatcat. He is kind of grumpy looking though, definitely not as cuddly as Fluffy!


  4. Aww…this is so lovely. So glad I popped by this morning while having coffee. I often wonder what my cats get up to during the day. It made me smile thinking that they could be waiting for their little friends on a wall somewhere. Love and hugs. xx 🙂


  5. Ah, he’s what we call a ‘greetings cat’ whose ‘job’ it is to meet and greet. We had one who used to meet us every morning on the way to college, tail ram rod straight, mewing and purring at the same time.


  6. Your work is just beautiful… what paper do you use? I love the colour and texture. Keep up the fantastic work. Do you srll prints?


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