There’s a banana at the back of my fridge…

…it’s been there for weeks now. Apparently there are fairies that will clean the back of your fridge if you’re very good…


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  1. Oh, I so relate to this – thank you for daily treat on Twitter, Doodlemum 🙂


  2. Where can I get one of these fairies?


  3. When they’re done with your kitchen, can you send a few my way?


  4. Eu tenho em cima da minha um pingüim…eu só queria quebrar o gelo.


  5. Time for Chicken Maryland!


  6. Reblogged this on smallbumbigadventure and commented:
    ….. I must try and be good then!


  7. That reminds me of the two lonely beetroot at the back of mine …..


  8. If the fridge fairy doesn’t arrive, ( and she’s probably out with the washing up/ dirty laundry/ bed changing fairy), put any black, grotty bananas in the freezer, in their skins. They defrost very quickly for banana cake, smoothies etc, but whilst still cold , make great ice pops for sore throats. ( you can always dribble a bit of chocolate on them – the frozen bananas, not the sore throats!)


  9. Is it looking at you?! 😉


  10. Ahhh… the banana fairies… yes I think I’ve heard of them… big feet, small hands… always travel in pairs. 😀 xxx


  11. I thought you weren’t supposed to put bananas in the fridge?


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