The fridge cleaning fairy…

…caved in and removed the evil banana from the back of my fridge.
banana fairy

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  1. Also known as the slave of all work?! 😉


  2. The loathsome job, but it’s nearly done. Then reward the fairy with chocolate.


  3. So… no Chicken Maryland then?


  4. Definitely should have let the fairies do it frankly… 😀 xxx


  5. Bananas are never, ever evil, they are wondrous items!


    • They’re not good when they’re two wweks old and ready to walk back out of the fridge…


      • That’s the time to bung them in the freezer, in their skins ( in a bag if skins have burst), and when you fancy a banana cake or smoothie, they take five minutes to defrost before being delicious again.


  6. Love your sketch, Angie! I’m writing a blog article about a fridge fairy and would love to include it. May I? Of course I’ll link to this original post and caption with credits to you.


  7. This is so funny! 🙂 I love the doodle! Thanks a lot for sharing!


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