What’s better than stripey socks?

Stripey tights of course!

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  1. Enchanting!


  2. A: Stripey-painted legs.


  3. Good morning, Angie! For some obscure technical reason, I’ve not been able to see your posts in the last few days, although the emails are getting through to me. You brighten every single day for me, so it seems mean that I can’t let you know this! By the way, I adore stripey tights, but am struggling to find any adult sized ones- any ideas please? I also think that Bonnie looks even more angelic with a frisbee “halo”! Thank you for all your beautiful drawings , and I hope that you are all well and happy. Very best wishes, Wendy Ely x

    Doodlemum wrote: > Doodlemum posted: “Stripey tights of course! ” >


  4. I’ll miss the socks though… really I will… 😀 xxx


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