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I’ve been a busy bee.

Want to know more?

Anyone still there?

Nearly midnight….
nearly there2013

Des res.

Quiet, warm and very fluffy. That’ll do Arnie, that’ll do.
des res

Fighting aliens…

…is a very noisy affair, whichever method you prefer.

A pocketfull of shells,…

sand, stones and seaweed…smuggled home from the beach. I was wondering why Gruff was being so quiet on the beach today.
pocket fulls


…always lead to trouble!

Pampered pooch.

Bonnie’s Christmas present was a crocheted rug made by Grandma.
bonnis christmas

Santa’s been!

A very happy Christmas to you all and remember, a sprout is not just for Christmas, it will probably be around until about New Year when your kids will celebrate their demise…
santas been

Christmas Eve Santa spotting.

It’s going to be a long night. Come on Santa, hurry up!

Every good boy…

…deserves a visit from Father Christmas, (especially one that tidy their toys away).
good boy

A dog’s tail.

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’tis the season…

…to be vomitting, fala la la laa la la la laah.
First day if the holidays and all three have succumbed to the lovely norovirus, how lovely.

Christmas cake.

Baked and iced by Mum, decorated by the kids. Can you tell?

Couch potatoes.

It’s been a long day.

I’m Santa…

…no, I’m Santa.
Everyone wants to be Santa but we know there’s only one and it won’t be long now…
Im Santa

Somewhere quiet.

Sometimes you need to be somewhere quiet. Today I had to take myself somewhere where I could remember, cry, have the wound ripped off for a few hours and allow the memories to haunt me. I don’t know how other peope remember the day they lost a parent or a loved one but I find it’s easier to be alone for a bit(with dog).
Back to the business of Christmas tomorrow.
somewhere quiet

The countdown has begun…


Watching a film.

Thought Wallace and Gromit and “Curse of the Were Rabbit” would meet with their approval!

Boy meets spider.

Gruff’s not a huge arachnid fan.
aaah spider

Drown your dinner…

…in ketchup. Yummy, just what my cooking needed.
Who wants food with their ketchup or shall I just provide a straw?

Soggy moggy.

Raining is it Arnie?
wet cat


And so it begins…

Mary the fairy…

…is again sitting on top of our Christmas tree!
tree 2013

Candles and cake…

…have been waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away, slice anyone?

Mummy is forty today…

…please bring her wine and stand well back…
i am forty


…no Evie it is still not Christmas yet…


…a time of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting….
xmas yet


It’s that time of year again? Oh flip, I hope Father Christmas has put me on the good list…more moleskines please!

I am the King.

Loving my first nativity concert of the year am breaking open the mince pies early to celebrate…

Prima donna.

Go get’em Evie!


Fine are we indeed!
answer for everything

High on a hill…

…stooped a scooping woman…I shan’t yodel, I might scare the dog…
the hills are alive

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