Fine are we indeed!
answer for everything


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  1. Oh my! I recognize that face and feeling! Hope all is well now.

  2. “If you’re ‘fine’ why’re you going round with a face like a bag of cheap nuts?”

  3. Just leave her a little plate of jaffa cakes with a “love from Mum” note, and she’ll soon come round, and tell you if/when she wants to- probably when you’re washing up! Good luck to you, tweenage/teenage years are so hard for all concerned, but you have a lovely relaitionship with Millie, so you will all come through it!

  4. Ha, I recognise that face. And my girl is only 7. I dread to think what the tween/ teenage years will be like.

  5. Yep… definitely a teenage “fine” there then… 😀 Thankfully love, it IS just a phase… 😉 xxx

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