I am the King.

Loving my first nativity concert of the year am breaking open the mince pies early to celebrate…

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  1. I haven’t quite gotten into the spirit of the holiday yet. This image certainly helps :-). A striking Wiseman he makes. My own little guy will be a shepherd in his nativity performance ;-).


  2. And he looks so very splendid in his purple and gold and crown, as befits a true Wise Man from the East… xxx


  3. “We three kings of Orion Tar,
    One in a taxi, one in a car,
    One on a tricycle,
    Sucking an icicle,
    Following yonder star…”

    (A rhyme from my playground days)


  4. Very regal. I’ve got our first one next week.


  5. We bow at your feet, King Gruff! No-one in my family ever made it to the top spots- we were always sheep or trees!


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