It’s that time of year again? Oh flip, I hope Father Christmas has put me on the good list…more moleskines please!

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  1. I can tell Arnie is a big help! Happy Christmas!


  2. Arnie approves!


  3. You have been very, very good this year, Angie! I “discovered” your blog earlier this ear, after reading an article about you in the Guardian newspaper, and ever since then, have raced to open the email from your site every morning. I am long term ill, and predominantly bed bound, but seeing a post from you each day, means that my day always starts with a smile! I am not always well enough to reply, but really appreciate all the effort you put into cheering up so many of my days, and those of so many other people. Having said that, please don’t ever feel pressured to draw a post when you’re shattered- life must be very shattering, with 3 children! Take care of your very special self. xx


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