…a time of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting….
xmas yet

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  1. That reminds me of my sister – she rang to tell me she was regretting putting up her tree as she is now being woken by her daughter asking can she go down to see if there’s presents under the tree.
    Mind you I know how they all feel – Are you sure it’s not Christmas yet?


  2. Exactly that with my youngest one! Still waiting, waiting …


  3. your drawings are all so cute!


  4. Yep, that’s what it’s like at our house too 🙂


  5. In Denmark, ( and some other European countries), elves leave a tiny present in a clog every night from early December (6th rings a bell, but not sure), which helps to A) keep the children from being bored of waiting ( they’re ott excited, instead), B) get them to bed and behave nicely- elves only come to children who have washed up that day/ gone to bed nicely/ not been stroppy, etc. It’s upto Chief Elf to decide on the rules! Mind you, that’s what advent calendars are for….


  6. That explains all the well-behaved children in Denmark. Thanks for sharing.


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