Candles and cake…

…have been waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away, slice anyone?

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  1. Happy Birthday, Angie!! Welcome to the 40’s club – it’s my favourite decade yet! Here’s to love, laughs and creativity! xXx


  2. Mmmmm… caaaaaake… 😀 Happy Birthday Angie! Hope you had a lovely weekend away love.xxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Did somebody just say “Really big cakes”? 🙂


  4. Is there any point having any other size?! Hope you had a lovely time. x


  5. technically you are not ‘in your forties yet’. 40 is the last year of your thirties……… hold on to that thought.


  6. I’m very impressed you managed to get a weekend away. I know you deserved it.


  7. I just found your blog, I adore your drawings. Happy belated birthday, wishing you a wonderful year ahead. 🙂


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