And so it begins…

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  1. Thankfully mine isnt up yet. But its all ahead haha


  2. Arnie waits all year for this, doesn’t he!


  3. Our tree went up on Sunday and each evening I’ve come home and found a bauble on the floor partly chewed by our chinchilla Misty. She only eats the plastic bits which leaves the remaining bauble redundant! She is so excited each day when we let her out and dashes about inspecting the tree. She also likes to sit in the branches and nibbles at them :o)


  4. New name “No, no Bad Arnie!”


  5. One side of our tree (closest to the sofa) is now missing all its baubles – the cats have taken them off and hidden them under the sofa. I should be annoyed but hey its my 1st year as a crazy cat lady, I’ll enjoy them. Jean


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