Boy meets spider.

Gruff’s not a huge arachnid fan.
aaah spider

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    • You could say it’s girly stuff or a normal child’s reaction to a small unknown surrying thing. I firmly believe in encouraging our kids to be curious about nature and encourage them to learn more. Gruff may be sacred but he knows all about spiders now! Spiders are cool…


  1. Explain to him how useful they are at disposing of pesky flies. Spiders are my friends!


  2. When my daughter was 4 ( she’s now 27), we got a lovely book out of the library, called “Ellie’s doorstep”, about a little girl who, although initially scared of spiders, overcame her fears. Then there’s the fab..”Charlotte’s Web”, aimed at slightly older children, but as Gruff has older sisters, he might like to listen in.


  3. It’s funny as I love spiders and am quite happy to pick them up (even the bigger ones). We’ve had a chat about how the spider was a bit put out that a big boy cried and shouted at him and scared him…he is genuinly scared but as his sisters and myself aren’t I’m hoping he will learn to love the little scurrying things.
    Unfortuately his Dad isn’t too keen on them either!!


  4. how can you overcome your fear of spiders?


  5. I understand Gruff!


  6. We have a couple here on the Homestead that can sympathise wholeheartedly with Gruff.


  7. CriminalMassWorder

    I love your sketches. Would totally buy a bound book of them.


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