Somewhere quiet.

Sometimes you need to be somewhere quiet. Today I had to take myself somewhere where I could remember, cry, have the wound ripped off for a few hours and allow the memories to haunt me. I don’t know how other peope remember the day they lost a parent or a loved one but I find it’s easier to be alone for a bit(with dog).
Back to the business of Christmas tomorrow.
somewhere quiet


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  1. Somewhere quiet is necessary in each person’s life. Nice to have a furry one for support as well.


  2. The grief never goes away completely, there’s nothing else to do but go with it. *hugs*


  3. Even though I know it will happen some day, that is a loss that I will never be prepared for!! Glad you found a quiet spot and had a furry friend to mourn with. Be well.


  4. It gets easier, it really does ( year 10 here, lost little brother) But taking timeout ahead of the major event used to help me get the worst of the grieving “out of the way” if you know what I mean. Duvet days are the best.


    • A very sensible strategy for coping with a bereavement. I am always worse in the “run up” to an anniversary of this nature, and it took me a long time to accept it, rather than trying to “pull myself together”. Now, when the actual day comes, I give flowers to other people, or put them on graves where I have permission to do so, as I have no grave to visit. Be kind to yourself.x


  5. A feeling I know only too well. They are never far away these loved ones.As I write this,tears are flowing even though my father died 19 years ago. A sad & happy time of year. Hold family & memories close x


  6. Sending you much love and holding you and your lost one in my heart today xx


  7. I hear you. Hope today helps you get through the rest if it.


  8. Dear Angie, I’m so sorry- there’s nothing else I can say that other folllowers haven’t already, but I hope you know that we all send you love, thanks and support, every day, but especially at Christmas. Cheer and goodwill is thrown at us, whenever we turn on the telly, or enter a shop, but underneath all that, Christmas can be a very sad and difficult time of year. Joni Mitchell’s song “River” goes… “It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees, putting up reindeers, singing songs of joy and peace, Oh I wish I had a river, I could skate away on”. Failing skating away, I hope your cuddle/ walk/ talk/ cry with Bonnie got you through a sad day. Take care, you are loved by so many x


  9. Sorry for your loss and that you had a bad day. It’s funny though that we all cope differently. I don’t tend to be affected by the actual date my Dad died. I’m more likely to get upset when I hear music I associate with him and then the emotions are strangely mixed – both sad that he’s not with me to share the moment and happy that music ‘brings him back’. Anyway, best wishes for Christmas and I hope your sad feelings are cope-able with and not too overwhelming. I love visiting here every day.


  10. Sorry for your loss – but I do understand – it’s been 26 years since my Baba died on Christmas Eve morning – and it still aches. Peace, tissues, a hug and kiss from a loyal friend and evergreens – symbolizing hope and eternal life seem to help. Hope your time away offered you some solace.


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