Christmas cake.

Baked and iced by Mum, decorated by the kids. Can you tell?

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  1. Merry christmas ! What a heavenly cake’


  2. Absolutely. Beautiful, specially the dinosaur. have a lovely Christmas.


  3. At least the dalek and dinosaur ( just the one?!) are ploughing through “snow”. When my daughter was 6, I let her have total free rein of the Christmas cake- we had blue marzipan, no icing, but a mermaid, a dolphin, a fairy. and a robin!


  4. Well done, Angie, for carrying on with Christmas, despite the sadness inside. You are an amazing artist, and an amazing mother- I’m sure your Mum was incredibly proud of you, and I am thankful to her, for giving us you! Be gentle to yourself, and if you need to commune with Bonnie more, I’m sure she’ll oblige!


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