’tis the season…

…to be vomitting, fala la la laa la la la laah.
First day if the holidays and all three have succumbed to the lovely norovirus, how lovely.

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  1. Oh the poor wee things – and poor you! Fingers crossed it will be out of the house very soon – sometimes the worse these bugs are, the quicker they pass.


  2. Oh no! So very sorry for you all. Could there be a worse time? Here’s hoping they are feeling better very soon and it doesn’t spread to you two too………..xx


  3. Oh, dear. One of ours is dealing with the same thing. I hope it’s short-lived in both households!

    And I must say, your artwork gives me a cozy, happy feeling every time it appears in my reader. So glad I found your blog! -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com


  4. Ew! I hope everyone feels fabulous very soon!


  5. Bummer! It makes me a feel a bit better about my drywall issues. My kids are all healthy, so that is something. I hope your little ones are feeling good soon, and ready to celebrate!


  6. Hey, it’s an ill wind – more Xmas grub for YOU!


  7. oh no! I had that a couple of years ago. It’s horrible. Thankfully, though, it’s generally short-lived 😦


  8. Oh what a shame. I hope they feel much better very soon and that you don’t get it. What could be worse just before Christmas.


  9. Poor all of you. Best get it over before Wednesday.


  10. Oh no… ahh how awful love… never mind… hopefully it will all be out of the way by the time Christmas Eve comes around and they can enjoy themselves then. xxxxxxx


  11. Oh, the poor dears :-(.


  12. Oh no! Poor little mites! Hope they’re feeling better!


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