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My mummy…

…has been very busy and illustrated this fab book written by Justine Smith, published today.
I’m super proud of it and the little girl who always loved to draw stories is very happy she kept hold of her dream for so many years.
Back to more drawings tomorrow I promise!

Defiant in the face of bedtime.

I am not tired


Millie’s off to a disco tonight, (not too late mind you!)
She looks so very grown up and rather lovely in her new funky clothes.
I’m just very, very proud of her.

Washing basket joy.

Look, I can’t do the washing because Gruff has left his toy dog on top and he looks so comfy.
Better get the kettle on then.
washing basket joy

In a state of fluffy.

Evie has a new dressing gown.
It’s a very, very, very fluffy dressing gown.
She wore it in the car on the way home.
I can’t get her to take it off, so she’s gone to bed in it.
She’s very happy.
I may have to hide it before school tomorrow, if I can get it off her…
state of fluffy

The pretend cafe.

The toys have been very well fed in our cafe today. I never knew ketchup went so well with cake and chips.
Didn’t hear a word of complaint from anyone…


I used to love gum but then I turned into an adult and left that fun behind me. I’m glad to see my daughter has picked up the love, it’s wonderful to have her chomping away beside me.

The rat trap.

Gruff’s been inventing today, he’s built a rat trap in the lounge. I’m really hoping he won’t get lucky.
Arnie and Bonnie are hoping that he will…
rat trap

When you dig…

…they will come. Surely there’s got to be something at the bottom of that hole? A nice bone, something furry to chase or is it just the simple pleasure of churning up the ground?
digging a hole

Post cards from London.

I’ve had a day trip to London to attend the House of Lords to help Save the Children and Beanstalk launch their new campaign to get more children reading. It’s been a fantastic day meeting lots of amazing people and a tiring one.
Anyhow, here’s some silly postcards of me pootling about with pigeons and maps.

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Self-fitting shoes.

Really Evie?
Or is it just Monday morning frazzling your ability to get your shoes on?
self fitting shoes

Cliff Hanger.

When it doesn’t rain in Swansea, you have to make the most of it.
Even if it is January, even if it is cold and even if it means bribing your children with a flask of hot chocolate to get them on that cliff top walk down to the sea.
cliff hanger

Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

Screaming child.

How lovely, I have two children and a small wailing siren to walk home from school.
screaming child

Let it all out.

Stretching and farting at the same time, that’s just wrong, so wrong.
dog fart


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got wet today. I think there’s a rain cloud following me around so that every time I open my door, it dumps half a tonne of water in my direction.

A hug…

…when all else fails.
a hug

For whom the alarm tolls.

I hate you little alarm clock, no really I do. Go away and come back in a hour please. It cannot be time to get up, it’s too dark!
for whom

My Dad.


When Daddy puts the children to bed…

How can children get this wound up before bedtime, ah yes, I believe it is the Dad effect…
daddys putting the kids to bed

Batman or Thor?

My money’s on Thor!
batman or thor

Just one teeny tiny sniff, please?

Cat says no, never ever Trevor.
one sniff

Tug of war.

tug of war


I’m sorry, I really am but I can’t fast forward January and I can’t rewind either.

Off Road.

off road

Running with tree.

Yes running very fast with the Christmas tree out the back door so it doesn’t shed too many needles over everything.
Bloody thing fought me every step of the way.
tree running

Ych a fi.

(Means horrid – say “ugh – a – fee”).
I’m ill, I hate being ill.
Don’t mind waking up covered in get well notes though.
Do mind the slobby licks (Bonnie) and the well timed claws through my blanket (Arnie).
ill mam

Lego invention. No 1.

I give you, “tower on wheels”.
Please can no body touch it or Gruff will have a meltdown and I’ll have to rebuild it….again…
lego inventions

A muddy walk in the woods…

…followed by a hot chocolate, all better Gruff?
hot chocolate

New Years Day.

Today has been unashamedly spent in my pyjammas. I have no idea I had mohair pyjammas, very warm to wear.

Ta Daa!

A very Happy 2014 to all of my very wonderful followers of Doodlemum, wishing you love, peace and happy times!
This is my very first children’s book I’ve illustrated and I’m so very proud of it.
my mummy2013 announce

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