Lego invention. No 1.

I give you, “tower on wheels”.
Please can no body touch it or Gruff will have a meltdown and I’ll have to rebuild it….again…
lego inventions

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  1. Oh my Grandson makes those too!


  2. Haha, love it. The photo is really just the best, I recall building those :o)


  3. My grandson does too, there is a notice I keep on the fridge that reads “Please do not touch the HIGH Tower” I just wish I could reproduce the writing 🙂 I had to tiptoe around the room all day.


  4. Correction: Gruff will re-build it, in multiple formats. Lego is a lifetime of entertainment for a child.


  5. It looks like Arnie is about to ensure that you spend an afternoon with lego- but on the other hand, you can’t cook tea or wash up if you are involved in major restoration “work”! Have fun.
    PS I looked at Amazon, and it says you have TWO books coming out, not just the one! Well done you.


  6. Ohh, that looks like a wee paw nudge from collapse…..!


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