Ych a fi.

(Means horrid – say “ugh – a – fee”).
I’m ill, I hate being ill.
Don’t mind waking up covered in get well notes though.
Do mind the slobby licks (Bonnie) and the well timed claws through my blanket (Arnie).
ill mam

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  1. Aaawwww get well soon, some nasty lurgis going round x


  2. Get well soon, I love the get well notes from your children.


  3. Sweet 🙂 Get better soon.


  4. You poor thing, I hope you get well soon- not well enough to do housework, but well enough to sit on a sofa, drinking hot chocolate ( although hot water salt gargles and sage tea with a bit of honey got me through a grotty cold and sore throat recently), whilst watching Gruff build Lego towers. Wishing you a better day .x


  5. Get well soon, my friend! Cheers~ 😀


  6. Oh, dear! Looks like you were even too sick to take your glasses off.


  7. I love all the cheerful matching socks.


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