Just one teeny tiny sniff, please?

Cat says no, never ever Trevor.
one sniff

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  1. Is Bonnie a lurcher, or deerhound perhaps? Your sketches are a grand daily commentary on life as it really is. Thank you!


  2. I see Arnie is ‘top’ animal, usual for the feline ;-].


  3. Oh Trevor, careful of your nose, cats do very sneaky whapping if they think you are not listening.


  4. Adorable, this picture sums up my cat and dog’s relationship perfectly!


  5. Stay well awaway, Bonnie- cats have claws, they spit and they go from statues to screaming dervishes in the blink of an eye (or the sniff of a nose!)


  6. Cats do not tolerate interspecies sniffing.


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