Batman or Thor?

My money’s on Thor!
batman or thor

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  1. Yeah, the Bat Belt just isn’t as cool as an all-powerful hammer. But Gruff is prolly thinking the Bat mobile is so awesome there’s no way Thor can win.


  2. Thor easily! 🙂


  3. The fact that they’re both good guys means nothing, I suppose…


  4. My (chocolate) money’s on Thor, too- after all, he gave us Thursday, which is nearly Friday, rolls in with thunder, and LOOKS tougher, ….. but then.. super powers are pretty useful. Heck, can’t he just let them be friends?!


  5. I can smell the doll sized testosterone from here!


  6. Thor every time. Thor rocks. And Loki rocks more. I have a Lego Loki keyring. Sad for a woman my age lol


  7. I am so sorry, Batman, but it’s Thor all the way! That pink cloak makes my heart race.


  8. I don’t agree….to me…Batman forever!!! 😉


  9. Definitely Thor! I don’t think any of Batman’s gadgets would be able to defeat Thor even if he didn’t have Mjollnir. Going up against Thor with Mjollnir, he doesn’t have a chance


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