When Daddy puts the children to bed…

How can children get this wound up before bedtime, ah yes, I believe it is the Dad effect…
daddys putting the kids to bed

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  1. Yup.


  2. Love it! Ha, ha this looks like my three older ones when there father gets them ready for bed.


  3. I my self am guilty of this….


  4. As a dad with two children…


  5. This is so my kids when hubby puts them to bed. I try not to get on their case an remind them that it’s time to settle down cuz they truly do enjoy and need that time with daddy. 🙂


  6. The Doodledude Factor.


  7. How lovely! It’s that same old story, Angie- if you are the parent who stays at home, you might be an accomplished artist, but you do all the boring stuff- cajoling sleepy kids out of beds, laundry, school runs, animals, hoovering, laundry, shopping, nit eradication, laundry, meals, more laundry, then Daddy rocks up at bedtime and has all the fun! My bet is that the next day, you had three very grumpy, reluctant children to get to school. If it was the weekend, I expect that they were up even earlier than the usual “Saturday exception” ( Why do kids always manage to get up hours before you want to see them, at the w/e, but all sorts of devices are needed in the week?!)


  8. Dad gets the fun and Mum gets the fallout 🙂


  9. I laughed heartily at this one! Very funny… 😀 xxx


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