I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got wet today. I think there’s a rain cloud following me around so that every time I open my door, it dumps half a tonne of water in my direction.


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  1. Send it our way, Melbourne is sweltering!!

  2. Ha ha! Where do you live? I live in California so i don’t get much rain…

  3. Love the picture, don’t love that you got rained on!

  4. I see you have metric clouds in Wales.

  5. Only one way to deal with that: don’t open the door.

  6. Sorry that you got soggy, here’s wishing you a sunny day- it’s gorgeous here in Kendal (although it probably won’t be by the time I’ve typed this sentence!) The new background and header drawings look lovely, well done.

  7. I forgot to add.. I do rather miss the wonderful drawing of Millie, Evie and Gruff, with their tongues out… any chance of them coming back, pleeeeease?

  8. Sounds like Oregon!!

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