Screaming child.

How lovely, I have two children and a small wailing siren to walk home from school.
screaming child

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  1. At least he is walking and not playing dead weight in the middle of the street! =)


  2. Oh my. My sympathies to all of you.


  3. I used to do that! My mom got SO annoyed. I didn’t want to go home.


  4. You are so good at capturing all sides of family life, and you never fail to make me smile – often in recognition x


  5. I sympathise. I had a small wailing siren coming back from school yesterday too. This somehow made it nicer 🙂


  6. I call mine the screaming banshee but I see how the wailing siren works too. Good luck!


  7. Friday … I had a wailing siren, a screaming baby and a whiney nagger … Looking forward to Monday! 😉


  8. Always look on the bright side of life (de dum, de dum,etc)- it could have been 3 wailing sirens!


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