When you dig…

…they will come. Surely there’s got to be something at the bottom of that hole? A nice bone, something furry to chase or is it just the simple pleasure of churning up the ground?
digging a hole

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  1. A Doodlemum animals book would be so cool


  2. They’ve come to admire and wonder at Bonnie’s amazing prowess- as I have, too!


  3. Oh, God, don’t tell me about digging…my dog destroyed the garden (or what remains of it) serching for lizards… holes as big as caves…


  4. I live in New England and adopted my coonhound from Texas. She first arrived after a very significant blizzard, and it was the first time she had seen snow. All of the other dogs’ toys were buried under the snow in the yard. When she was introduced to the resident dogs, they weren’t interested in meeting her – they were very busy trying to locate and dig up all of their toys. She watched the others and imitated their behavior, trying to figure out this northern ritual. Now, every time it snows, she runs proudly into the yard and starts digging like a lunatic. My other dogs think she’s nuts, but she is confident that she has adopted an important northern tradition.


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