In a state of fluffy.

Evie has a new dressing gown.
It’s a very, very, very fluffy dressing gown.
She wore it in the car on the way home.
I can’t get her to take it off, so she’s gone to bed in it.
She’s very happy.
I may have to hide it before school tomorrow, if I can get it off her…
state of fluffy


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  1. I bet she gets very, very warm !!


  2. Fluffier than Arnie 🙂


  3. I hope she has some fluffy slippers to go with it! I like your new border illustrations, but where is Millie- has she left home?!


    • No Millie’s still here. If I can prize her off her DS, maybe she’ll do something I can blog about!


      • You did a lovely chewing gum blog of Millie recently, it’s just that I can’t see her picture on the borders ( or whatever the technical term is),of the blog and comments, and I miss her! I’m about to search for your new book… is it out today?


      • Aha I see! It depends on the size of the screen you’re using Wendy, she is there in the border I promise! My next book is out tomorrow.


  4. I had to look up “dressing gown,” since we don’t use that word here in NH, USA! Thanks for starting my week off by broadening my horizons!! (And, I wouldn’t want to take off the fluffy dressing gown, either. )


  5. She looks so cosy!!


  6. Use the more often worn more often washed and they fast lose their fluffiness in the wash.


  7. Who needs slippers when you have cute matching socks.


  8. Your drawings are awesome they kind of remind me of ziggy


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