Millie’s off to a disco tonight, (not too late mind you!)
She looks so very grown up and rather lovely in her new funky clothes.
I’m just very, very proud of her.

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  1. And so you should be my love… she looks beautiful. I do hope she has a lovely time and enjoys her first disco night, quite the milestone indeed. xxxxxxx


  2. We’re inching closer and closer to that first spotty oik…


  3. Good on you, Millie. Love the tights! I hope you are warm enough!


  4. Millie, you look fab! I hope you had a great time.x


  5. Eek! Big day (or rather, night). Millie looked fab! Hope she had fun.


  6. Ab-fab!


  7. A proper young lady 🙂 I hope she had a nice time!


  8. I love your drawings. Such a vivid picture not just of your life but of life with kids. I find myself smiling in recognition a lot! 🙂


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