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The whole picture.

whole picture

Pincer grip.

Yes I think Gruff’s coming along nicely with that.
pincer grip


…sleepy are we Arnie? Nice pose.
dead cat

Popping candy.

popping candy


treasure feather

Like a skyscraper…

…of folded washing. Hold fast Arnie.

Legs and company.



My big girl


Yes, our dog is a secret yoga master.

Peek a boo.

cat on a mission

Gruff’s stone.

This is Gruff’s stone. He found it on the beach on Sunday.

So far the stone has gone everywhere with him. It has enjoyed a journey to school, a trip to a swimming lesson (luckily I persuaded Gruff not to take it in the water with him), various breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and some lovely bedtime stories.

Unfortunately the stone was left at my friends house today in her dog’s basket but I understand it is being very well looked after.

Really just a matter of distracting a lonely boy missing his stone now.

Gruffs stone


He-man has the sniffles, he’s on the mend but he’s been feeling very sorry for himself. All this rain hasn’t helped, the poor dude hasn’t had time to dry out in months.
cockerel sneezes

Head lice.

Are you scratching yet?
head lice

All aboard…

… although there may be delays caused by a dog on the line, very common around these parts.
dog on the line

Love is…

…those three dudes on the sofa watching Doctor Who.
three dudes


Apparently, everything can be paused, even dreams…

The king and I.

Nothing like a crown to let everyone know who’s the boss eh?
in the house

Book snuggles.


Under water.

Holding your breath under water is fun, once you get over the fear!

Watching the winter olympics.

It’s all about the rainbows in this winter olympics. Everyone’s wearing and talking about them.
I don’t think they allow many rainbows in Russia, shame really, they’re quite lovely and no threat to children at all.
So here is a great big rainbow.
winter olympics


…with Fireman Sam sunglasses. You can take them off now Bonnie, I think Gruff finished playing dressing up an hour ago.
speccy four eyes

Farty pants.

Girls do it too but they just pretend they haven’t…
farty pants

Lovely bubbly.

Arnie loves bubbles, just don’t go to close to that water or it could end badly!
lovely bubbly


I’m thinking of attaching a rope around their waists if this wind continues.



Someone to watch the raindrops with.


Soggy chips.

Sometimes you just know when it’s time to go home.
soggy chips


Gruff’s put all of his trinkets in a special box of treasure.
These include; a little toy dog, a sea-shell, a micro fibre cloth and 8 pence in change.
Treasure indeed.
He’s sleeping with his arm around the box tonight just in case the pirates try to steal it.

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