Gruff’s put all of his trinkets in a special box of treasure.
These include; a little toy dog, a sea-shell, a micro fibre cloth and 8 pence in change.
Treasure indeed.
He’s sleeping with his arm around the box tonight just in case the pirates try to steal it.

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  1. Well you never know, with these high winds and high tides, a pirate ship could just get blown ashore – it’s a wise boy who holds his treasures tight just now.


  2. Spare a thought for us pirates – the dispossessed of the Spanish Main – the only living we’ve got is stealing!


  3. ARRRH! So that’s where the treasure be! I have me pirate eye patch a hangin’ on me bed knob ( I gets seasick in a hammock), but I not be a stealin’ from yer Gruff. His booty is safe ( unless he starts putting fig rolls in there- I haven’t had one fer years!)


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  5. Well, you can’t leave your treasure out for pesky pirates to steal! 🙂


  6. The expressions on these kids is just perfect. That’s exactly what little ones look like when they’re peeking at something!


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