Soggy chips.

Sometimes you just know when it’s time to go home.
soggy chips

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  1. A picture says 100 words!


  2. This is wonderful, I love your style!


  3. Ah, cold chips. Also known in Glasgow as a side salad.


  4. Where’s your flask of cocoa?! What is it with us Brits? We only need five minutes break from snow/ torrential rain/ howling gales, and there we are, having picnics….just as the snow/ torrential rain / howling gale returns…Hooray for cold chips and DoodleMum! (I’m rather worried about poor Bonnie- she looks like she’s getting her head kicked in, but no-one, not even Gruff, is passing her a chip!


  5. My book’s come, my book’s come! It’s fantastic, thank you very much, Angie. I’ve left a 5* review on Amazon, and am very glad that they’ve “relocated ” you back to Swansea- last week they had you listed as living in Bristol!


  6. You make it look so romantic, Angie!


  7. Soggy chips go down quicker, and save wear and tear on teeth and gums!


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