I’m thinking of attaching a rope around their waists if this wind continues.

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  1. We’re snowbound in New Hampshire today. Ten or so inches thus far. . .


    • Wow, really? None here so far but far too much rain and wind. A very soggy winter. Stay warm. 🙂


      • We’ve had lots of snow storms, with lots of snow, but with unseasonably warm weather in-between. I like it best when none of it melts between storms, and by the end of the season, the snowbanks around the driveway are taller than I. I’m a try New Englander!!


  2. Yes, that was me today too 🙂


  3. “Windy old weather, stormy old weather, when the wind blows, we’ll all pull together!” ( Or get knocked down!) If you used elastic, you could just pull ’em all back , like a horizontal bungee rope- fun for all of you! Lovely drawing, I love the wellies. x


  4. Just wet as wet here…. wringing the animals out!


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