Head lice.

Are you scratching yet?
head lice

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  1. When my daughter was in third grade, the class had four lice outbreaks. I went nuts, because I could buzz son’s head, but not my daughter’s.


  2. I had the worst head lice when I was little! My mum tried everything…including fly-spray, vacuuming my hair..randomly dying my hair was the only thing that made them go away! Damn lice!


  3. My mom used to call lice “friends”. My lil sis was notorious for trying on people’s hats, so she had a habit of bringing home these unwanted friends. My mom would regularly ask me and my sis if we brought home any friends today. In the end, she did cut my sister’s hair verrrry short because lice and long hair are just too much for anyone to handle on a routine basis.
    Btw, love how the cat is on the bathtub edge also itching. 😉


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    Loved Doodlemum’s cartoon! Reminds me of those days trying to get rid of the uninvited “friends” we brought home from school. Do you remember, Mom?


  5. Ugh, yes, at that age short hair’s best – and it saves time in the morning not to have to plait it.


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    Those words that make you itch!


  7. i would buzz her head too. lol


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