Gruff’s stone.

This is Gruff’s stone. He found it on the beach on Sunday.

So far the stone has gone everywhere with him. It has enjoyed a journey to school, a trip to a swimming lesson (luckily I persuaded Gruff not to take it in the water with him), various breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and some lovely bedtime stories.

Unfortunately the stone was left at my friends house today in her dog’s basket but I understand it is being very well looked after.

Really just a matter of distracting a lonely boy missing his stone now.

Gruffs stone

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  1. So cute and touching!



  2. annmarierosellikissack

    Like both perspectives- top-down and the caption too.


  3. One of my new, 4-year-old students saw a stone on my desk and asked about it. I told her that I love rocks. So, she drew me a lovely picture of rocks on the beach. I’ll have to send you a photo of it. . .


  4. That is so adorable. I remember back in the 80s you could buy a pet rock on a collar and lead which was rigid so you could take it for a walk. That sounds weird now.


  5. I had a stone that I found on a beach that fitted into my hand perfectly, and I carried it in my pocket for ages, until I lost it. I can still feel its shape, 40 years later.


  6. I sympathise with Gruff for the (temporary I hope) gap in his life, even if it is a not very cuddly comfort blanket.


  7. My sister’s gran daughter is friends with her smilie face fridge magnet. It is like Mary’s lamb. It goes every where with her.


  8. I think he would love this story by Shirley Hughes, wish I could link the whole book.


  9. They are so funny in what they get attached to!


  10. really adorable. Great perspective.


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