The whole picture.

whole picture

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  1. I love this! Very nicely done.


  2. Any idea where they might get their art and creativity from? 😉


  3. It’s lovely to see all your children, once again, doing things together. Thank you for sharing this fab picture with us ( but even more thanks for keeping the clearing up to yourself!)


  4. Perfect, that is exactly what we need, another generation of doodlepeople. I feel happy the next generation is being nurtured. It’s always been a big regret that I cannot draw to save my life. All other crafts seem to be able to be taught but drawing and painting utterly elude me. Well done to the littlies.


  5. Mr & Mrs Random

    u are one great artist mom!


  6. Mr & Mrs Random

    Reblogged this on Randomness.


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