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Funeral suit.

Myles isn’t a fan of shirts and ties so the only occasion we really see him suited up is when attending a funeral. Not his favourite form of dress, (as that would involve a sword and some nice chain mail). Unfortunately that wouldn’t go down well in Swansea crematorium….



Happy Mothers Day and caption competition winner.

This year I have been deluged with drawings, a chocolate spoon stirrer and a lovely cook book full of cake recipes for me to make.

I have also been deluged with so many witty captions it has been very hard to choose but choose I must. you are my lucky winner with your caption, “My Mummy says there’s a difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘thinking’ – but they look the same to me.”

Please email me your address and I shall pop a book in the post straight away!

A big, big thank you to everyone who entered, please keep those witty comments coming as they are always appreciated and maybe I shall have to make this a regular feature. Perhaps I will give away a drawing  next time, what do you think?

Happy Mothers Day, tomorrow I’ll be back to drawing, I promise.

mothers day 2014

Caption competition! (Now Closed).

To celebrate the lovely new board book “My Mummy Says” which is written by Justine Smith and illustrated by myself, I’d like to give one of my fab readers a signed copy of the book.
See this lovely picture? Give it a caption that makes me chuckle and put it in the comments section below this post starting with the words “MY MUMMY SAYS…….”
I’ll pick and announce the winner this Sunday evening so get your witty thinking caps on…

Duvet thief.

Evie was a little cold in bed last night, Arnie, however, was awake for about 2 hours yesterday.
What a life.
duvet thief

Missed you.

missed you

Half and half…

…half plaits and half bunches. Nice one Mum.
half and half

The smell of fresh bread…

…baked in our bakery up the road.
There is nothing else like it on a cold morning to carry home a warm loaf of sweet smelling bread.
daily bread

Look at me.

If my lot have spent too much time on their games consoles I simply send for re-enforcements.
Release the cat!
send in the cat

Not on the guest list.

Sorry Gruff. This party invite is just for Evie, she’ll be back soon and you know how good she is with sharing party bags.
party pooper

Feeding the chickens.

Asking chickens to form an orderly queue when there’s dandelions involved is quite an impossible task!
chickens and gruff

Artist in residence….

shhh don’t wake her, she’s dreaming up the next post on her blog.
artist in residence

Stay cool…

…there’s a cat next to you.
stay cool


Are you?


That’s right Bonnie, there is always some dog bigger than you!

Inside the nest box.

We’re getting lots of eggs at the moment so it must mean spring has arrived. We’re hoping one of our ladies will brood a clutch of our own eggs this year and hopefully we’ll have some new arrivals for our flock.
inside the nest box

Conditional hugs.

chocolate hugs



This mummy says…

…rant about the washing, where on earth does it all come from. I have a theory that it secretly multiplies overnight…#thismummysays

Mum’s the word.

What did YOUR mummy say to you?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the lovely folks over at Macmillan Children’s Books, who as you know published my first children’s book MY MUMMY SAYS last month, want to know what YOUR mummy said to you.

Whether it is words of wisdom that have stayed with you, gentle encouragement that has guided you through life or just plain old silly expressions that make absolutely no sense to anyone but you and your mum, I want to hear them!

Today, Wednesday 12th March, please do get involved on your blogs, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – just remember to include the hashtag #mymummysays so we can all rejoice in the wisdom of mother’s everywhere!

Here’s what MY mummy said to me…
beas pic

Bounceless ball.

It’s not going to bounce any more. I’m so sorry Bonnie, please stop giving me those eyes, I really can’t heal shredded tennis balls once they’re mauled by you.


On your head is the only way to wear your coat home these days I hear.
spring has sprung

Even ninjas…

…need a cuddle break.
ninja hugs

Cat versus chicken.

Arnie, our cat, has worked out if he keeps still, the chickens won’t peck him and he can chicken watch to his heart’s content.
cat vs chicken

Mummy’s going out.

How on earth can I put mascara on with this distraction?

A story shared…

…is a story loved and remembered for always.
Read to your kids, it’s bloody great!
Happy world book day.
worldbook day 2014

Bonfire of the Christmas trees.

I found two Christmas trees in my compost heap today. One was taking over the garden having spectacularly exploded needles everywhere and the other one I found lurking underneath the hedge cuttings (complete with a lone bauble), like an unsolved mystery.
You can’t have a sneaky bonfire in our house without an audience, shame I didn’t have any marshmallows.

Making baking…

I’m so full up from eating so many I can barely see to draw…


…is ball shaped!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheer up!

You may be feeling under the weather Evie but here’s Gruff to cheer you up with his super noisy zombie killing ultimate lego machine!
cheer up

We’re Welsh did you know that?

It’s St David’s day here in Wales and that means celebrating everything fabulous about being Welsh, including sheep, Joe’s ice cream and Welsh cakes.
Rugby shirt for Millie this year, (she’s moving on from the Welsh costume to something a little more to her taste).
Evie, full blown Welsh ensemble with plaited bunches, ribbons and bows, ( I am not overcompensating for Millie honestly…).
Gruff, Welsh rugby shirt and a wopping big smile.
And guess what? The sun shone too!
st davids day 2014

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