Mummy’s going out.

How on earth can I put mascara on with this distraction?

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  1. Doodlemum fan

    Mummy is already pretty enough to go out.


  2. Perhaps give the mascara a miss – don’t gild the lily!


  3. It’s hard enough to put mascara on without distraction!


  4. girllllllll this is the story of my life


  5. Did your children ever have the fabulous “All in one piece” book, by Jill Murphy? Mrs Large ( an elephant), is doing her best to dress up for a date night with Mr Large, but their sprogs keep “helping” her. Eventually, they leave, Mrs L resplendent in frock, make up and…. paint blobs on the backside of her frock! I had to give up mascara many, many years ago, when a friend commented that it looked like I’d applied it “a mile from the nearest mirror”. Being from a family of 9, I probably had! I decided it was better to look small eyed and clean than as if I’d just emerged from a coal mine ( remember those?!)


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