Mum’s the word.

What did YOUR mummy say to you?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the lovely folks over at Macmillan Children’s Books, who as you know published my first children’s book MY MUMMY SAYS last month, want to know what YOUR mummy said to you.

Whether it is words of wisdom that have stayed with you, gentle encouragement that has guided you through life or just plain old silly expressions that make absolutely no sense to anyone but you and your mum, I want to hear them!

Today, Wednesday 12th March, please do get involved on your blogs, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – just remember to include the hashtag #mymummysays so we can all rejoice in the wisdom of mother’s everywhere!

Here’s what MY mummy said to me…
beas pic

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  1. My mum said…. never run after a girl or a tram, there’ll be another one along very soon.


  2. My mum used to tell me to pick myself up after a fall x


  3. If I ever said ‘Well….’ She would say ‘Well,well,well 3 holes in the ground’. WHY?????? Lol.x


  4. What a lovely idea, and lovely picture of you two, too. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter (although I do witter on), but my dear departed Mum always used to say…”If you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything”- a really lovely maxim, which I’ve tried to follow. Mind you, when I was 16, and my periods started, she told me it was “Like fairies doing a Spring Clean in your tummy!” ( MY Dad was a Doctor, my Mother was a nurse…….


  5. The best thing my mom ever said to me was: “go fight outside, no broken bones and no blood on the carpet.”


  6. It was my Dad who came up with all the sayings! “Who wants a whopping?” shouted through the letterbox when he came home from work; “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” was the most useful; bit of advice he gave us. In the appalling winter of 1947, as I trudged along the road to the bus in the mornings he’d call out “mind you don’t catch your bottom on the ruts” – my legs were (and still are) very short and the snow very deep!

    ViV x


  7. Whenever I was insecure about my height, my mother always told me, “You may be only 5’2″ but think and walk like you’re six feet tall.” It worked!


  8. littlesunshinetoday

    my mother said, “Come home and have tea with us”. spending quality time without being distracted is so important in building a strong family bond.


  9. What if, by and large, one’s mum was discouraging? Do they still want to know what she said? 😦


  10. i follow your drawings with feedly, but today i just HAD to comment: it remember my grandma with my mum as a kid!!! ❤ thanks for sharing your memories! ^^
    greetings from a peruvian living in barcelona and missing her family :*


  11. My mum said” Speak like you’d like to be spoken to”…. still trying to live by that every day….


  12. My mummy says treat others how you want to be treated!!! #mummysays


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