This mummy says…

…rant about the washing, where on earth does it all come from. I have a theory that it secretly multiplies overnight…#thismummysays

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  1. That’s the biggest laundry bin I’ve ever seen. Don’t fall in!


  2. It’s more of a laundry mountain – too high even for Arnie to climb! My sister Steph used to fling all her dirty washing into a pile in the corner of her room, and every now and then, would fish something out of this festering heap, and wear it! Maybe a modified approach could be taken – fishing out all the things that have been worn for 10 minutes only, and any “one use” towels? I love Evie’s spotty ballerina outfit and wonderful pirouette pose- a much lovelier sight than a laundry pile!


  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that the secret purpose of the Laundry Basket is to be at war with its family. If you and the washing machine can keep the laundry within the confines of the basket, then you are winning. If you can’t shut the lid, then the basket is getting the upper hand! It is a battle that will last many years! Unfortunately, the Laundry Basket has an ally in the Iron and Ironing Board.They create a mountain of another kind – a subject for another post one day, I’m sure. At least, we’re all on your side and fighting the same battle! Here’s wishing you a happy weekend without too much washing! 🙂


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    Truth!!! And one sock ALWAYS gets lost!!


  5. I have no small children at home, and yet my laundry basket is exactly the same!


  6. This is so true! Soon I will write about the magical disappearance of socks :))


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