Artist in residence….

shhh don’t wake her, she’s dreaming up the next post on her blog.
artist in residence

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  1. Cute 🙂


  2. Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and realise you’ve been sleeping with your wrist bent underneath you! 😦


  3. Oh Angie, you must be exhausted. Much as we all look forward to seeing a “Doodlemum” email announcing a new post, none of us want to see you fall asleep in the process. You have lots of wonderful, unrated archive posts- why don’t you take a little break now and then, and repost one of those instead, or post less regularly? A blog is still a blog, even if the posts are quite sporadic, and you’ll never lose your “hard core” fans. Take extra special care of your extra special self.x


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