Caption competition! (Now Closed).

To celebrate the lovely new board book “My Mummy Says” which is written by Justine Smith and illustrated by myself, I’d like to give one of my fab readers a signed copy of the book.
See this lovely picture? Give it a caption that makes me chuckle and put it in the comments section below this post starting with the words “MY MUMMY SAYS…….”
I’ll pick and announce the winner this Sunday evening so get your witty thinking caps on…


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  1. fivegoblogging

    Thats a record, I’ve only had to reheat that tea 3 times.

  2. Darn! Now that I finally have a chance to sit down I am too tired to drink my cuppa.

  3. Even the cat’s wondering what a hot cup of tea looks like ….

  4. Oh, so this is what it’ll be like when they’re all off in college.

  5. They’re up to something when it’s this quiet.

  6. My Mummy say… “Oh Arnie, not in my mug you naughty cat!”


    • That şhould read, ‘says’! Oops. Typing on my phone is too difficult whilst lying in bed, with Garycat lying on me! Nos da X

  7. My mummy says: I really don’t know how the kids managed to wear every piece of clothing they owned. The cat’s just as confused as I am ….or he’s hungry.

  8. Pauline Richards

    Coffee – or cat?

  9. I think I forgot to run the dishwasher again…which is where I just got that cup. Darn.

  10. My Mummy says…coffee first, sorting out the mess second.

  11. Doubtless a disaster will occur the moment this gets to the perfect temperature. *sigh*

  12. Sitting down with a cuppa tea, and just the cat for company…….what’s wrong with this picture? I bet someone finds me in less than a minute!

  13. [Child’s observation on this scene]

    “My Mummy says there’s a difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘thinking’ – but they look the same to me.”

  14. … Trouble is, it’s too hot to drink …

  15. …..focus….has it turned to wine yet….

  16. Reblogged this on likeapolkadot and commented:
    I love these doodles

  17. My mummy says that tea just isn’t the same when you’ve forgotten the tea bag.

  18. Never mind the biccies, coffee without a cuddle just doesn’t taste the same….

  19. My Mummy says I shouldn’t have put gravy granules in the coffee canister, but I’m not sure why. I know thought she liked gravy!

  20. “MY MUMMY SAYS…….everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.”

  21. Oh dear Arnie, nothings happening. This is the artist’s equivalent of writer’s block!

  22. My Mummy says that when things are peaceful and quiet and she finally has five minutes to herself, she always feels like there’s something’s wrong.

  23. my mummy says “they´re still sleeping, let me dream about having a peacefull cup of tea before the sun rises, will you arnold?…”

  24. My Mummy says putting the clocks forward is a silly idea zzzzzzzz!

  25. A watching cup never cools

  26. A watched cup never cools

  27. My mummy told me there’d be days like this….

  28. My mummy says,
    Oh steam, from thy just brewed
    cup of tea,
    Ye rise up in swirls, as a mist,
    off an early morning sea.
    Twisting in rays of sunlight,
    flowing gracefully into the air,
    I lightheartedly envision your daddy, a prince,
    on a jewel studded mare.
    Then returning from my soft,
    slowly disappearing dream,
    I realized, my dear daughter,
    I forgot to buy some cream.

  29. MY MUMMY SAYS…….I need to put my thinking CAT on.

  30. There must be better ways to heat the room!

  31. “My mummy says……there must be better ways to heat the room!”

  32. My Mummy says silence is golden,when is it going to end?

  33. epicaldragon13

    MY MUMMY SAYS…….”I know cat…. I’ve always wondered what a hot cuppa looks like to.”

  34. My Mummy says … “that can’t be my cup – it’s still hot”!

  35. margaret wilkinson

    my mummy says ,will someone move this cup closer to me please .so tired.

  36. Some days are like that, even in Australia.

  37. Do I really want a fourth cup of tea or shall I get the hoover out?

  38. Joy on a Shoestring

    Tea? Totally!

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