Happy Mothers Day and caption competition winner.

This year I have been deluged with drawings, a chocolate spoon stirrer and a lovely cook book full of cake recipes for me to make.

I have also been deluged with so many witty captions it has been very hard to choose but choose I must.
http://kvennarad.wordpress.com/ you are my lucky winner with your caption, “My Mummy says there’s a difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘thinking’ – but they look the same to me.”

Please email me your address and I shall pop a book in the post straight away!

A big, big thank you to everyone who entered, please keep those witty comments coming as they are always appreciated and maybe I shall have to make this a regular feature. Perhaps I will give away a drawing  next time, what do you think?

Happy Mothers Day, tomorrow I’ll be back to drawing, I promise.

mothers day 2014

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  1. Whoa! That I did NOT expect! 😀


  2. It doesn’t look to me like you missed doing a drawing ,Angie, unless I’m imagining seeing you all ,(minus Doodle Dad, I hope he’s making tea), snuggled together!


  3. Dear Angie, we seem to have lost the star rating button thingy. Is it stuck in your ever increasing washing pile? If so, I’d really like it back, even if it isn’t clean or ironed!


    • Hmmm to be honest I have done away with it. When I started I put it in as a chance for people to rate if they didn’t fancy commenting. I feel I’m at a stage were my confidence is on the up, I’m still very hard on myself so I’ll keep pushing at the drawing business.
      Does that make sense? 🙂
      Feel free to tell me any time what you think, that’s what art is all about, to get us all talking 🙂


  4. Such a nice peaceful picture. Bravo!


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