Funeral suit.

Myles isn’t a fan of shirts and ties so the only occasion we really see him suited up is when attending a funeral. Not his favourite form of dress, (as that would involve a sword and some nice chain mail). Unfortunately that wouldn’t go down well in Swansea crematorium….



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  1. I hate suits and ties, too. To me, they symbolize arrogance, pretension, snobbery and a certain type of laziness.


  2. Oh, I don’t know, I quite like a handsome man in a suit, and tails always “do it” for me! Sorry Myles had to go to a funeral. I hope he’s ok. I’d really like t o see a doodle of him in his chainmail….!


  3. Jings, you’re right Doodles – I have never seen Doodledude look so uncool! That’s the suit Nick Clegg gave to Oxfam, surely?


  4. Now HERE are two guys who look cool in suits. Damn – they could have straightened me out between them! πŸ˜€


  5. My mum clearly remembers me asking her why “dad was dressed up as a penguin” once when he was suited up. Hope the funeral was OK and that all is well.


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