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Artist in residence….

shhh don’t wake her, she’s dreaming up the next post on her blog.
artist in residence

Stay cool…

…there’s a cat next to you.
stay cool


Are you?


That’s right Bonnie, there is always some dog bigger than you!

Inside the nest box.

We’re getting lots of eggs at the moment so it must mean spring has arrived. We’re hoping one of our ladies will brood a clutch of our own eggs this year and hopefully we’ll have some new arrivals for our flock.
inside the nest box

Conditional hugs.

chocolate hugs



This mummy says…

…rant about the washing, where on earth does it all come from. I have a theory that it secretly multiplies overnight…#thismummysays

Mum’s the word.

What did YOUR mummy say to you?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the lovely folks over at Macmillan Children’s Books, who as you know published my first children’s book MY MUMMY SAYS last month, want to know what YOUR mummy said to you.

Whether it is words of wisdom that have stayed with you, gentle encouragement that has guided you through life or just plain old silly expressions that make absolutely no sense to anyone but you and your mum, I want to hear them!

Today, Wednesday 12th March, please do get involved on your blogs, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – just remember to include the hashtag #mymummysays so we can all rejoice in the wisdom of mother’s everywhere!

Here’s what MY mummy said to me…
beas pic

Bounceless ball.

It’s not going to bounce any more. I’m so sorry Bonnie, please stop giving me those eyes, I really can’t heal shredded tennis balls once they’re mauled by you.

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