Where did you get that hat?

Gruff’s new to this Easter Bonnet thing so Evie’s been giving him some pointers on how to look cool with a giant chicken on your head.
Oh and by the way, big thanks to our chickens for the generous donations of lovely feathers!

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  1. that’s so cute. are you working on a book?


  2. We could do Easter hats!!!!   Love D

    David Simpson Cllr David Simpson JP



  3. It’s no wonder Gruff looks a little scared, with an enormous chicken perched on his head! I Just be grateful that it doesn’t poo and hope that he doesn’t get so confident that he tries it with a real one! Oh, and remember not to sing…”Chick chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me”- that would be equally messy from up there!


  4. epicaldragon13

    Chicken hats should be the new style. I can see it now…the whole world with chickens perched above their heads….

    Maybe not.


  5. You can tell that Evie’s done this before- she looks very nonchalant! ( And also, very ” fabby do”, as they say in the Katie Morag books!)


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