He-man is not himself, in fact he is currently very very ill. I’m hoping the antibiotics the vet has given me will help him but I’m not sure how I’ll find him in the morning. He’s currently in isolation as he is struggling for every breath.
Poor boy.
poor rooster

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  1. Positive healing energy sent for He-man. Hope he feels better soon!


  2. Och the poor wee cubby. 😦


  3. A poorly he-man needs cheering up, and you have very wisely excluded all his wives, so he won’t have to hear them squabbling over him. I hope he’s better today.


  4. Oh poor HeMan. I hope he pulls through x


  5. epicaldragon13

    I really hope he gets better soon, good luck.


  6. Well sure hope Heman is getting better. You captured that “I don’t feel so well ” Look.


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