Only a cat…

…could sleep hanging off the edge of the bed. Comfy Arnie?
only a acat

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  1. Enjoy it while you can, Arnie = any minute now, Gruff or Evie will jump on the bed and send you flying! That will wake you up!

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  2. Mine would then fall off and look at me as if I had pushed him. And repeat 😉

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  3. Arnie looks very comfortable. In our house, Aslan has the whole of the bed and we’re hanging off the sides, so it could be worse! Cats eh? 🙂

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    So true


  5. How funny! I bet he’s lovely and that’s why he gets away with it! 🙂


  6. Hilarious 1 of our cats does this sometimes


  7. Your drawings make me smile… Thank you so much


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    And I miss this sight


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