Stating the impossible.

Millie has kindly pointed out to me that this is unachievable. She can of course oblige but that would result in her being frozen to the spot and that would get us no where either. The wisdom of my ten year old knows no bounds…
body language


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  1. Fairly early debut into teenage, I’d say.


  2. Oh dear! Tweenager alert! It won’t last forever, or even be every day….even if it feels like it!


  3. These days teenage arrives earlier and earlier. Let’s hope is finishes sooner, too.


  4. I couldn’t agree more Viv! Although she is wonderfully sarcastic, I never remember having that amount of wit at her age, I’m so impressed, she makes me laugh!


  5. hahaha the body language 😀 My mom would say the same thing


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